Law Firm Marketing on LinkedIn: You Must be Present to Win

November 7, 2023
Law firm marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful social network tool that can accelerate any law firm marketing plan. Yet why is it that there are still many attorneys and law firms that fail to take advantage of this free business development opportunity? You must be present to win on the internet! If you are not active on this…

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Five Reasons Why Law Firm Business Development is Essential

August 21, 2023
Law Firm Business Development

Law firm revenue and profitability for business law firms can erode over time eroding through normal attrition if the managing partner and other lawyers in leadership roles are not focused on a proactive law firm business development program. The difficulty is finding the time to develop new accounts while you are busy meeting the daily…

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Law Firm Coronavirus Response Centers

March 19, 2020
Law Firm Coronavirus Response Centers

Law firms across the country have been moving quickly to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by establishing emergency response teams. A selected list of law firm with a coronavirus response team appears below. Partial Listing of Law Firm Coronavirus Response Centers Akerman LLP Baker McKenzie Crowell Moring DLA Piper Frost Brown…

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Should State Bar Association Membership be Mandatory?

January 25, 2019

Mandatory bar membership for lawyers is under review in some states following a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on union dues. In Janus v. Afscme, the petitioner challenged forced membership into a union because annual dues were being used to subsidize political speech which he did not support. The Janus decision may potentially be applied…

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Law Firm Marketing Blahs

January 7, 2019
Law Firm Marketing Blahs

Prospective clients looking for a new law firm want to know answers to obvious questions like, “Who are you and what can you do for me?” Law firms often respond with “Blah, blah, blah …” Here are a few real life examples of law firm descriptions, as posted on the websites of various firms around…

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Bare Referral Fee Scrutinized in Class Action Law Suits

December 1, 2018
Law Firm Referral Fee Programs

After one U.S. District Judge forced a law firm to reveal its referral fee arrangement in a recent prominent case, many legal experts are suggesting the industry may be at a tipping point where class action firms could be required to more fully disclose the distribution of their fees. In the market for lead plaintiffs…

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HTTPS Security Recommended for Law Firm Websites

September 19, 2018
HTTPS for law firm websites

A law firm website is its most important marketing tool, particularly for insurance defense or AmLaw 100-200 law firms that do not typically run online advertising campaigns. Once a prospect learns about your law firm, they often visit your attorney bio pages and practice area pages to learn more about your services. Recent Internet industry…

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Attorney Advertising Model Rule 7 Updated by ABA

September 18, 2018
Legal Marketing & Business Development

The American Bar Association has amended Model Rule 7 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which regulates attorney advertising. The Supreme Court allowed attorney advertising in Bates v. State Bar of Arizona in 1977, and states have regulated attorney advertising in a large variety of ways for four decades. The newly amended Model…

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