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Law firm marketing plans give the law firm, as well as individual lawyers and attorneys,  a step-by-step process to new business development from current clients as well as new prospects. Legal Expert Connections, Inc. is a national legal marketing agency that is ready to help you create a custom law firm marketing plan to help your firm reach new levels of revenue and profitability.

Download a Free Law Firm Marketing Plan Sample Template

Law Firm Marketing PlanA free sample law firm marketing plan is available for your use in planning your own practice. The plan can work at the law firm level, as well as for individual attorneys and lawyers. Click on the link to download your sample attorney marketing plan.

What to Include in Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

An effective attorney marketing plan clearly identifies your business goals and creates a structured program to attract new clients. You will want to focus on:

  • Competitive positioning through legal specialization
  • Legal services offered, prioritized by capabilities and profitability
  • “Ideal client” profiles
  • The number of new accounts you plan to generate in the next 12 months
  • The dollar value of new business you plan to generate in the next 12 months

Specify in detail how and where you plan to develop new accounts:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Publishing opportunities
  • More business from existing clients
  • Referral networking (who will you meet with and how often)
  • Public Relations (PR) campaigns
  • Website and Internet marketing
  • Membership organizations

Identify plans to develop new business from current and past clients, including:

  • Client entertainment
  • Sell more services to existing accounts
  • Re-activate former accounts
  • Introduce new services, perhaps in response to new legislation
  • Identify “at risk” clients who need special attention

Click here to download a sample attorney marketing plan.

The secret to success in legal business development is to NEVER STOP MARKETING!

National Legal Marketing Agency

If your law firm is asking how you can get more clients, give us a call. We are a national legal marketing agency focused on business development, with a specialty in the defense sector. We have helped more than 150 defense law firms pursue new clients. We make it our business to identify who your law firm needs to contact at insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies, and self-insured entities to be considered for a position as outside defense counsel.

Legal Expert Connections, Inc. offers three key benefits to defense law firms nationwide:

  1. We are the leading U.S. legal marketing agency specializing in the defense market. We know the panel counsel process and can accelerate your business development efforts by identifying who you need to contact.
  2. You get a structured business development process. We guide your law firm through a proven three-step campaign that brings discipline, focus, and productivity to your marketing efforts.
  3. Increase revenue with professional, Bar-compliant legal marketing campaigns. We do the research to identify insurance panel managers, so you can focus your time on the business development process.

Contact Margaret Grisdela, a legal marketing consultant, at 561-266-1030 or via email for a free consultation. Connect with Margaret Grisdela on LinkedIn.

Learn how easy and affordable it can be to achieve your business development goals with a well-written law firm marketing plan. We work on a flexible project or retainer basis, depending on your marketing and business development needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Law firm marketing consultant Margaret Grisdela, president of Legal Expert Connections, Inc.

Margaret Grisdela

We’ve helped more than 220 law firms in 40 states with marketing and business development campaigns across all practice areas. Let us do the same for your firm. Use the nearby form to schedule a free marketing consultation.

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