Immigration Law Marketing Services Launched by Legal Expert Connections, Inc.

Immigration lawyers who want to expand their marketing campaigns but don’t have the time or staff to do this internally can now turn to the immigration law marketing services available from Legal Expert Connections, Inc., a national legal marketing agency.

Serving as an outsourced legal marketing department, Legal Expert Connections enables law firms to get the equivalent of a “Chief Marketing Officer” level professional team for an affordable monthly investment. This approach empowers a small law firm—from a solo practitioner to a 25-attorney firm—to compete effectively against larger regional and national firms without incurring the cost and management time needed to maintain an in-house marketing staff.

Immigration marketing services include social media marketing on LinkedIn and Facebook, marketing brochures, client newsletters, and targeted business development campaigns. Client can choose from three levels of services:

Level 1: The Socializer. Social media campaigns are created for LinkedIn and Facebook to increase law firm visibility while also engaging current and prospective clients online.

Level 2: The Marketer. Going beyond social media, immigration law firms can add a monthly client newsletter to their marketing communications program. Professional sales tools such as a law firm brochure and law firm resume are also prepared for use by the law firm in business development campaigns.

Level 3: The Rainmaker. This comprehensive business development campaign includes Level 1 and 2 services, plus a detailed marketing plan and monthly strategy sessions.

Our entire focus is on the business development process for law firms,” explains Margaret Grisdela, president of Legal Expert Connections, Inc. “We are now applying our experience in building business development campaigns for more than 250 defense law firms in 40+ states to the immigration law market.

Immigration Law Marketing ServicesLaw firms that outsource their legal marketing campaigns can benefit in three powerful ways. First, brand awareness and online visibility will increase when a consistent, strategic marketing campaign is in place. Second, lead generation and client retention improve with a targeted marketing plan that helps the law firm to stay focused. Third, law firms can track and measure their campaign performance with detailed marketing analytics and return on investment (ROI) reporting.

Immigration law marketing services include social media topic selection, the creation of an editorial calendar, graphic design, and social media channel management. Busy lawyers will be able to focus on client development and the practice of law, with the comforting knowledge that a robust marketing campaign is increasing their competitive positioning.

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About Legal Expert Connections, Inc.

Legal Expert Connections, Inc. is a national legal marketing agency, founded in 2003 by Margaret Grisdela. We have helped more than 250 law firms in 40+ states with targeted business development campaigns. Our focus is on the business-to-business market, including but not limited to insurance defense, employment defense, immigration law, business law, and civil litigation.

Our proprietary “Courting Your Clients” methodology is designed to deliver results. We start by conducting an analysis of your business goals, followed by a marketing strategy development phase. We accelerate your growth with a multi-step legal marketing campaign that brings discipline, focus, and productivity to your marketing efforts.

Legal Expert Connections, Inc. offers three key benefits to law firms nationwide:

  1. We serve as your outsourced legal marketing department.
  2. You get a structured business development process.
  3. Increase revenue with Bar-compliant legal marketing campaigns.

We are experienced in many lines of legal liability and regulatory requirements, including auto, business, construction, cybersecurity, elder law, employment law, ERISA, homeowners, immigration, insurance, intellectual property, premises, products, professional liability, tax, transportation and trucking, trusts and estates, whistleblower, and workers’ compensation.

Our industry knowledge includes education, environmental, forensic accounting, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, municipal, professional services, real estate, restaurants, and retail.

Contact Margaret Grisdela, a legal marketing consultant, at 1-561-266-1030 or via email. Connect with Margaret Grisdela on LinkedIn. Visit our websites at and

Law firm marketing consultant Margaret Grisdela, president of Legal Expert Connections, Inc.

Margaret Grisdela

We’ve helped more than 250 law firms in 40+ states with marketing and business development campaigns across all practice areas. Contact us for a free consultation. You will be able to spend more time on the law when we take the lead on your personalized "Courting Your Clients" marketing campaign.

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